You don't need a company to buy a Condominium (Condo). If you are in Thailand
yourself and are buying the condominium in your own name, then all you need is
your passport as well as the Thor Tor 3 document.

Basically you can use any negotiable foreign currency to purchase a condominium. The foreign currency must be transferred into Thailand as foreign currency and exchanged by the handling bank in Thai Baht. The Thor Tor 3 document is the bank document showing proof that you have brought foreign currency into the country to purchase the condominium.

For foreigners to be eligible to purchase a condominium in Thailand they must present proof to the Land Department that the funds have been remitted from overseas in foreign currency. Without such proof the Land Department will not permit the transfer of ownership to the foreign buyer.



Deposit payment for reservation.

Booking online with TEN Thai Estate Network Co. Ltd.

After submitting your booking request you will get a confirmation that your order has been received and within 48 hours you will be advised with details of a deposit payment by e-mail.

Payments can be made online via secured PayPal online payment form (1) or bank transfer (2).
Once your payment has been verified you will receive your "Booking-Voucher" by e-mail.
(Bank fees are on your own).

Option 1

On-line credit card payment via PayPal:

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Option 2

You transfer the payment to our company bank account:

Siam Commercial Bank
Account name: TEN Thai Estate Network Co. Ltd.
Account number: 572-262219-6
Swift Code: SICOTHBK

Freehold Title

If you are buying a property and it is a Freehold Title, you will need to form a Company. The Company will hold the Title to the property, and you will be the Director of the company with complete control.
The only exception to the above, being where the foreign national has invested a significant amount of money (about US$1 million) in stocks, securities, or companies, and has Board of Investment Promotion (BOI) approval, in which case the BOI may recommend that the foreign national be permitted to hold a freehold title not exceeding an area of 1,600 m2


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Leasehold Title

If you are buying a property and it is Leasehold Title, that means that you are getting a 30 Year Lease but in practice, leaseholds can be obtained for a 60 year period using the ā€œ30+30ā€ mechanism, whereby a 30-year lease is agreed between the freehold title holder and the lessee, and one (1) legally binding extension contracts for further 30-year period are concluded.

However we can also arrange 90 and 120 years lease for you. This lease will be inheritable and your heirs will get a simiar new lease. So in practise you will be able to "own" your land in Thailand in many generations to come.