Nipaporn Lawyer

Khun Som is our in-house lawyer and her full name is Miss Nipaporn Kwankaew.

She has worked as a lawyer since 2010 including: civil proceedings, criminal prosecutions, narcotics crime cases, legal counseling and family law including other functions provided by law. 

And of course she can assist our real estate clients with anything concerning sale, purchase and lease/rent of property.


Call English: 082 260 5941 - Thai: 092 821 1985


Here is a list of what Nipaporn Lawyer can offer her clients:

  1. Work Permit
  2. 1 Year Visa
  3. Power Of Attorney
  4. Land Lease Contract
  5. Rental Contract
  6. Sales Contract
  7. Last Will / Testament
  8. Company Registration
  9. Etc, Etc. Please get in contact!